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korra + backflips

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can someone please reply to this with a link to the rift?

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Built by Avatar Aang, Air Temple Island is home to Tenzin and his family, as well as many Air Acolytes who are there to learn the ways of the Air Nomads. 

The Air Nomads comprise one of the four nations. There are four air temples at each corner of the globe, all sitting atop mountain ranges. The Air Nomads were the smallest of the four nations, but the most spiritual. They were all but wiped out by the Fire Nation, survived only by Aang and, now his family. The Air Nomad national emblem is a swirling orb of wind. The last Avatar to represent Air was Avatar Aang. 


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my blogging technique is staying gone for a while and then posting 20 posts persecond

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Happy 21st Birthday, Zayn.
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Happy 21st Birthday, Zayn.

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